Monday, 28 March 2016

Sneak Peek : ‘Calico’ by Gaurang Shah : Lakme Fashion Week S/R’ 16

Paying reverence to the aesthetics of early 20th century Indian royalty and uniting traditional Indian textiles with vintage silhouettes, Gaurang will present his Spring Summer ‘16’ collection, “Calico”   at the Lakme Fashion Week 2016 on March 31,  5:30 pm in Mumbai.

Each ensemble from this collection is crafted from exquisite handwoven textiles in Khadi, Uppada and Kota using the Jamdani technique GAURANG stated. Declared an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO, the Jamdani is a singularly striking weave that has created an impact across the centuries. The patterns are woven with a non-structural weft resulting in vibrant patterns that dance across the fabric.

Adding insight into Calico Inspiration, GAURANG says Traditional Chikankari embroidery finds a canvas in the Jamdani adding its charm to this stately fabric. The legacy of the princely city of Lucknow, Chikankari is an iconic Indian hand embroidery technique that is both subtle and stunning. Showcasing iconic weaves and techniques in all their unfettered glory, “Calico” emphasizes the rich and vibrant history of Indian craftsmanship while championing the Indian woman of today.

Drawing on various trends of this intriguing era, each piece in this collection by Gaurang evokes a unique nostalgia. The gowns feature popular silhouettes from the “Belle Epoch” period. Women, whose personalities have been woven into the fabric of Indian history, come alive in this inspiring collection. The Baroda style Navari drape that was Chimnabai’s signature enters the new millennium with a long jacketed blouse. The saree draped as a gown; Sunity Devi’s signature style in England creates a stunning style statement. The traditional saree is subtly reinvented into a garment that is the epitome of the modern Indian aesthetic.

Calico draws inspiration from the early 20th century that witnessed the zenith of colonial rule in India when Indian society at large underwent a visible cultural shift. The wealthy and influential were rubbing shoulders with their colonial counterparts as equals, resulting in a unique blend of cultures, symbolic of the Raj in the 20th century.

GAURANG states nowhere is this confluence more evident than in the fashion of this fascinating era, bedecked in jewels, respecting centuries of tradition and heritage, while embracing modernity the Maharanis of this era harnessed their aesthetics to make a powerful statement with their outfits.

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