Wednesday, 28 August 2013

‘Moonrise’ by Ken Ferns:Autumn/Winter 2013-14, Lakme Fashion Week

Taking inspiration from the phenomenon of the first appearance of the moon over the earth’s horizon termed ‘Moonrise’, the Autumn/Winter 2013-14 collection by Ken Ferns was high on mystery, structure and futuristic construction.

In a color palette of ivory, diluted watery gold, dusty beige, black and deep grey, the offering encapsulated the print story of trees and certain night creatures which was mysteriously mesmerizing and added a beautiful layer to the very vision of a pale moonlit sky.
The collection had a mild 50s vintage inspiration yet completely modern and futuristic. Thanks to Ken’s signature expertise in the field of pattern construction and structural details, the offering ranged from paneled corsets to interesting dividing lines and gowns with pleated sleeves to shoulder with architectural curves. For the man of the night, the designer offered suits and shirts featuring prints from the inspiration of the collection.

Juxtaposition of architectural structure with fluidity of fabrics like crepe, satin, georgette and silk was nothing less than a vision. Known for his unique showmanship, the models wore dramatic head pieces that resemble bare autumn trees.

Ken’s collection will definitely add lot of mysterious sartorial drama on the red carpet.


(Image Credit:Lakme Fashion Week Facebook Page)

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