Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Amit Aggarwal Winter Festive 2013-14 – Lakme Fashion Week

This man is a design genius. Amit Aggarwal’s Winter/Festive 2013 Collection is for a woman who is traditional yet futuristic, a strong woman who is well aware of her distinctive feminine identity yet does not shy away from embracing the new her.

With moulding, metallic and magic as the 3Ms of the design principle for this collection, the designer focussed on combining rigid structures with fragile transparency to create a surreal magic. Juxtaposing fragility with strength, the pieces ranged from saris, gowns to long skirts and jackets, all married to architectural structures, sculpted constructions and innovative draping. The lightness and beauty of materials like lace, silk fringes and pearls, luxurious fabrics like tulle, velvet and satin faced georgette alongside cut metallic strips depicts the magical beauty of an ever evolving futuristic fashion drama. 

The hand sewn pieces were moulded and draped with artistic precision alongside molten metallic to create a futuristic line of textured gothic saris expertly fluted and pleated, structured and sculpted bustiers, multi layer metallic strip lehenga skirts  and floor length cape in a color palette of ink blue, red, grey, wine, emerald green, maroon, black and gold.

This is a collection that redefines the meaning of new-age beauty without abandoning the feminine essence-magically ethereal yet unconventionally strong.

(Image Credit:Lakme Fashion Week Facebook Page)

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