Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Christian Dior Fall’13 Haute Couture: Raf’s point of view

Dior known for its classic style and French elegance got a new makeover by Mr. Simons. Raf challenged himself by presenting a modern collection that was inspired by the very nature of the multicultural world that we live in, beyond its French and Parisian chic boundary. The collection focussed on Europe, the Americas, Asia (the Chinese buyer for sure) and Africa.

A-line dresses, a navy silk gown worn over a striped orange silk dress, graphic prints, multi-colour striped gown, African Masai patterns, strapless voluminous gowns, silk wool dress with buttons down the sleeves, neckline and skirts, silk dresses with Japanese details, spikey pieces created by Japanese shibori technique, sheer overlay dress, coats, and asymmetrical dresses were some of the key features and pieces of this collection. Raf did play with the silhouette, shape and rich texture creating few amazing pieces but at the same time it also raised questions on the very essence and feel of Haute Couture, which in a way or other was missing from his collection or the way it was presented.

May be that is how it was intended by Raf, to challenge the boundaries and initiate a dialogue towards modern Haute Couture- which only means business of selling clothes.  Simons mentioned, that he created the collection by looking at women from different continents and cultures who wear couture, their personal style, the collection evolved to be about Dior and not just being about Paris and France, but about the rest of the world, and the impact of their fashion culture on Dior and also on him as a designer.

What is your point of view?

(Image Credit:style.com)

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