Friday, 28 August 2015

In a symbolic gesture, Anita Dongre paid tribute to Indian handloom weavers and artisans by inviting 26 craftswomen as her showstoppers

In a country obsessed with Bollywood celebrities during Fashion Weeks, this was indeed a welcome change. Anita Dongre’s decision to invite 26 Gujarati craftswomen as her showstoppers during the presentation at the Lakme Fashion Week, W/F15 was quite a beautiful moment and deserves every bit of appreciation.

Indian handloom have been known since time immemorial and is appreciated and celebrated worldwide for its richness, diversity and the story telling artistry of our traditional weavers. No matter how much we try, the priceless feeling of a traditional handloom textile can never be replaced by a machine. Handlooms are an integral identity of our country-India, the story of our diverse culture, a celebration of our traditions; craftsmanship and exquisite creativity of our artisans. This was definitely a long due symbolic recognition for the almost extinct breed of traditional weavers and artisans. More power to Anita Dongre and the Indian handloom industry!

(Image Credit:Lakme Fashion Week)

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