Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Somerset House announces Beard Exhibition in Spring 2015 – Celebrating the art of Facial Hair (and you thought the trend is over? )

Now this is one exhibition that all you pogonophiles would love to be a part of. Keeping in mind the current FAD for beards (and no, it’s not dying anytime soon) Somerset House, London announced an exhibition exclusively dedicated to current FAD for facial hair.

Slated for early Spring 2015 (5th March – 29th March), the exhibition will display over 80 images of people sporting impressive and interesting beards. The images are captured by Award winning photographer; Brock Elbank .The idea for the exhibition began as a charity project, when Brock collaborated with his friend Jimmy Niggles, who had begun a charity called Beard season in Australia, to raise awareness about skin cancer.

Brock has captured a variety of subjects, from Actor John Hurt, Model Ricki Hall to Harnaam Kaur, who has been growing her facial hair since the sage of 16 when she was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries. For the photographer, it’s not the beard, it’s more than that; it’s the people sporting the beard, their individual stories. It is about these interesting people, brought together from a real cross-section of the society. 
Stefan Bostrom

Billy Huxley

Harnaam Kaur

Brandon Baker

Ricki Hall

Edwin Venn

Jimmy Niggles

John Hurt

Miles Better

(Image Credit: Brock Elbank)

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