Tuesday, 9 December 2014

First Glimpse: The World’s Largest Beaded Wedding Dress

The world’s largest beading wedding gown is created by Minnesota based dress maker Gail Be, who has no formal training in dress design and also confesses that she does not even know how to turn on a sewing machine. She does not illustrate or pre-sketch or use mathematical calculations in any of her designs.

At 400lbs, the hand beaded, dress boasts a length of 6.2 meter and a width of 5.64 meter train held together by seven miles of beading wires, which includes 500,000 glass pearls and over 400,000 crystals, including vintage Swarovski crystals. 

It took twenty-one seamstresses and three years and 20,000 hours to complete this spectacular creation. She describes her work as ‘a work of art’.

(Image Credit:Gail Be)

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