Thursday, 11 December 2014

‘North East Project’ – An Initiative: North East India’s tribal craftsmanship goes mainstream

Have you heard of NEP? North East Project is an initiative by an NGO - Impulse Social Enterprises based in Shillong and an advertising agency –TheBrewhouse based in New Delhi, to bring the best of North East India’s tribal craftsmanship to the mainstream of fashion and lifestyle in association with youth centric, fashion forward labels and brands like Bhane, Nor Black Nor White, Safomasi, Fizzy Goblets and 1701.

Titled ‘Cut from the same cloth’ the collection has varying range of products ranging from travel accessories to apparel and home furnishings. The products are made and designed by the ethnic ‘Mishing’ tribes of Assam, using the traditional method of bamboo loom weaving and natural resources but with a contemporary twist. The collection is an offering of ethnic arts and crafts, interesting textile story, unique tribal motifs and over all a discovery of indigenous talent of tribes from North East India.

The initiative creates a wonderful platform for the North East tribal artisans to restore their ethnic craftsmanship and skills, as well as equipping them to earn regular income and living a dignified life. For the fashion and lifestyle industry, this is a process of embracing the idea of environmental sustainability, social responsibility and upholding the legacy and treasure trove of North East’s tribal workmanship. 
Bhane for NEP

NorBlack NorWhite for NEP

NorBlack NorWhite for NEP

Passport Covers

Travel Accessories

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