Friday, 22 February 2013

Prada Fall 2013 (Clothes do have character)

Miuccia Prada’s Fall winter 2013 offering was mysterious, romantic, sexy, raw and had a strong Hitchcockian vibe. The collection also makes you believe that clothes do have character.

When Amanda Murphy, with her red lips and dishevelled wet hair, appeared on the wooden runway in a tailored tweed dress with a neckline that was left open to hang over her bared shoulders, it created a strong sense of carefree, raw yet refined sensuality. For most of the looks, dresses were cinched with a wide leather belt, the hemlines were asymmetrical and there was a generous use of mink on the sleeves of coat and jackets. Other winning pieces this collection were Alaïa-style skirt, full-skirted coat dress, light blue A- line coat and beaded evening wear.

To sum it up all, the set, the silhouette, the look and music from Betty Blue on the soundtrack, took us to a cinematic journey of clothes.  "Through cloth, you can really make movies,” Miuccia said.

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