Friday, 14 December 2012

Megging (male leggings) – Are you going to wear them?

After the success of the skinny jean, it is megging as the male legging is known is becoming the latest entrant in the world of men’s fashion. Justin Beiber, Russell Brand and Lenny Kravitz had been spotted wearing them, but does that give enough reason to accept guys wearing leggings?
Somehow the very idea of a guy walking down the street wearing a tight megging does not leave anything to our imagination. It could be offensive as it can give quite a bit of information on male anatomy. In addition, meggings don’t come with pockets so we will have no place to stash our wallet or phone. Retailers like Uniqlo, Barneys and Nordstrom have already started selling the tights for men but am not sure how this trend is going to translate into Indian market. Well for some guys, it gives them good enough reason now to flaunt their gym sculpted beefy legs and much more.
If you ask me, I am not too convinced with the idea of a guy in a megging.  Just because Peter Pan wore it, does not mean that you should also wear one? It is best reserved to a Shakespearean play or for your next ballet performance.  
Guys, what do you think of the megging trend? Girls, would you like to see your guys in megging?


  1. I would wear these all the time if i wouldnt get stared at. I have worn them around the house and addressed a few issues myself.

    People say theyre too tight and need more room to 'breathe' but i find them gery comfortable, they offer support without feeling tight'

    Bulge. Not an issue with baggier clothes on top half.

    Legs on show not a manly thing. What makes legs more feminine than masculine? The only men (i hope) that would wear these would have the legs for them.

    Russell Brand's look great on him.

    If girls think they are too feminine they should research the creepers they wear that are apparently girls shoes. No, they were worn by soldiers in the war and in brothels by said soldiers after the war hence the name brothel creepers.

    Are we really still in a time where people judge others by what they wear to this extent? Are we not above that by now?

  2. I would wear them but also have to wear something baggy on top or I think I would feel too self-conscious out and about. In the house - well that's a different matter!