Friday, 7 December 2012

Chanel’s Scottish Metiers D’Art Show

Chanel’s signature Métiers d'Art show took place at Linlithgow Palace earlier this week, a crumbling gothic Scottish castle and birthplace of Mary Queen of Scots. The extravagant show featured Scottish textiles and prints. The association between Chanel and Scotland goes back to the time when Coco Chanel was in a relationship with the then Duke of Westminster.

Heavy colourful knitwears and tartans, argyle sweaters and stockings, cardigan with Fair Isle patterns, oversized feather ruffs, layering and furry shoes were some of the key features and pieces of this magical collection.

"I like the idea of Mary Stuart, as a former Queen of France who became a kind of fashion icon of another period than Chanel, who was a kind of Queen of French fashion, too," Lagerfeld said of why he chose the location. "I like the encounter — it never happened, it never could happen — but I like the idea of those two women involved with Scotland in very different ways."

The show is indeed a fine reference point of contemporary fashion blended with a strong essence of heritage.

Some interesting facts about the show:

-The drivers taking fashion editors to Linlithgow were under strict instruction to wear Chanel aftershave only.
-To shield the chill, guests were supplied with Chanel blankets.

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