Monday, 14 December 2015

Step aside, spornosexuals, and make way for the ‘SOFTBOY'

Step aside all the metrosexuals, spornosexuals, hipsters and lumbersexuals, here come the new man, the ‘Softboy’. According to The Telegraph, the term 'Softboy' christened by writer Alan Hanson, is the current flavor of masculinity.

“The Softboy does not necessarily have soft body. In fact he is often wiry and angular. “writes Hanson. “He discusses his ex-girlfriend within the first thirty minutes of the date. He talks about her in a sad, wistful way rather than a snarky, resentful way. The older Softboy will say, “Oh well, it’s in the past.” The younger Softboy will say, “So it goes.”

The Softboy wears a plain t-shirt or sweater and orders cheap beer backed with bottom-shelf whiskey. He is neither Bro nor Nerd. He is sensitive yet amusingly crass. He doesn’t want you to know he has feelings. He wants you to know that he has feelings and he is completely okay with that.

Read the entire article here, The Telegraph 

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