Saturday, 25 April 2015

Save India’s precious Handloom heritage before it’s too late

Indian handloom have been known since time immemorial and is appreciated and celebrated worldwide for its richness, diversity and the story telling artistry of our traditional weavers. No matter how much we try, the priceless feeling of a traditional handloom textile can never be replaced by a machine. Handlooms are an integral identity of our country-India, the story of our diverse culture, a celebration of our traditions, craftsmanship and exquisite creativity of our artisans.

It is high time we stand up to preserve the heritage and uniqueness of our country. The beautiful legacy of our country’s craftsman and handloom tradition is in great danger. The repeal of the Handloom Reservation act would mean snatching away the true identity of our country’s history and culture and above all the traditional beauty of India’s own precious heritage. Please preserve it before it is too late by signing the petition here at

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