Sunday, 26 April 2015

Fashion Designer Prabal Gurung is raising money for Nepal Earthquake Relief Funds

Measuring 7.9 magnitudes in the Richter scale, the picturesque Himalayan nation of Nepal was hit by one of the worst earthquake in more than 80 years on Saturday morning. With the death toll continuing to rise, the earthquake has already claimed 2,500 lives so far. The devastation is heartbreaking, a number of buildings, including heritage structures –temples & towers have collapsed with people trapped underneath.

Fashion Designer Prabal Gurung, who was raised in Nepal, and now based in New York City, has emerged as one of the most active fundraiser requesting donation from people worldwide for his organization, Shikshya Foundation Nepal, to help provide aid to those affected by the quake.

“The immediate need on the ground is for medical support, search and rescue, emergency shelters, and food and water, among many other things.” Prabal wrote. “As the days, weeks and months go by, and after the humanitarian needs are addressed, Nepal will need to begin the healing and rebuilding process. The magnitude of the damage is still being assessed, but hundreds of buildings have collapsed, including many homes and many of Nepal’s ancient and iconic temples and monuments.”

The donations will go through the designer’s organization, Shikshya Foundation Nepal (, and the funds will be distributed accordingly based on the latest needs on the ground.

Kudos and more power to Gurung and his team! Prabal is a perfect example of someone who represents the idea of “Fashion with a purpose”.

(Image Credit:ABC News,BBC)

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