Saturday, 6 December 2014

Tommy Hilfiger Launches Jackets with Solar Panels to charge mobile devices on the go

Update your blog, listen to music, take selfies, check email and update your status on Face Book or other social media platform. Book movie tickets or watch live shows. When lost, navigate via GPS.  The list is endless. And all credit, for making our life smarter, goes to smart-phones (devices). They do make our life amazingly smart. But what’s really not smart about smart phones is its annoying battery drainage. It is almost like stranded in a barren island, no man’s land. Does that make me a smart phone addict? We all have experienced that panicky moment when you are on an interesting call with someone special or about to upload an amazing photo on instagram (being a blogger I can vouch for that :-) ) and your phone gives up on you. Personally, I can share multiple examples when I almost wanted to sue my smartphone company.

In order to prevent having a drained phone in your pocket, Tommy Hilfiger has launched a solar-powered jacket so that we can keep our smart phone powered (keep it smart). Valued at $599, the designer collaborated with solar manufacturer Pvilion. The jackets, one for men and one for women, features a solar pack that charges a battery to keep your mobile devices working while on the go. The clothing label claims that in direct sunlight, the battery fully charges beyond the capacity of most smartphones. Hmmm, I wonder, how many of us will wear a jacket under direct sunlight. But, yes this is definitely a good option when it comes to camp out activities, provided the sun is shining bright.

The jackets, features a tartan design, with an array of solar panels. The women’s jacket has ten panels and the men’s has seven. When not in use, the solar panels are completely removable. The solar panels are connected via a cable to two USB ports in the pockets. The label’s initiative to reduce the carbon foot print is definitely praiseworthy, but there is still room for improvement when it comes to style of the jackets. 

The limited edition jackets are available on the label’s website and selected stores in the northern hemisphere. Fifty percent of the profit for each jacket will be contributed towards the Fresh Air Fund.

(Image Credit:Tommy Hilfiger)

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