Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Stylefluid Trendz Feature-New Talent: ‘debbarma’ by Dipayan Debbarma: “Where Fashion Meets Art”

There is a school of thought that believes fashion is not art or can even exist together. No matter how different our opinions are, there are a handful of talented new-age designers and artists who are proving that they can exist together. And, one of them is a Bangalore based designer and an artist Dipayan Debbarma whose collection primarily revolves around art.

Born and raised in beautiful and scenic state of Tripura in North East India, Dipayan was always a creative child. A biotech graduate, he has no formal training in design, however, his clarity and understanding of silhouette, cut, design, fabric story and other intrinsic aspect of design is far superior to many of the trained designers and fashion graduates I have interacted with.

The label ‘debbarma’ draws its inspiration from minute details and raw and artistic essence of nature. This translates down to his design work, thus creating unique wearable art pieces. He develops his own prints which are distinctive to his label. Being a biotech graduate his love for experimentation and execution can be clearly seen in his work. Not only that, he is also an expert body artist and has worked on various projects.

His artistic mind inspires him to inject different kind of materials and metals like golden brass to his art wear collection. Embroidery plays an important role in his collection. Since he paints and do artwork on the garments, Dipayan has explored the other ways of painting – painting with thread. This creates a mesmerising Three –D look and feel to the artwork on the pieces. Installation of various metal works on his garments creates an imagery of a fine artistic composition that caters to contemporary fashion sensibilities. The Label’s colour story has no limitation as it draws inspiration from the many possibilities of vibrant nature. Black and White forms the base of his label. Black accentuates the beauty and intricacy of his design work and white serves as the canvas for all his collections – an Artist’s mind.

“debbarma creations are an extension of you and your feelings and each piece has a unique story to tell,” says Dipayan. “Hence, pieces are limited. I don’t print an art picture on the garments; I make the art part of the clothing.”

An ideal ‘debbarma’ man and woman is someone who is confident, stylish, daring, quirky and above all an Art Lover. The collection is a canvas of one’s personality and strokes of their positive spirit. Talented Dipayan is definitely a new kid on the block to watch out for.

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