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An exclusive interview with Male Super-Model ‘Amit Ranjan’ for Stylefluid Trendz

Photo:Eva Schimmer

Standing tall at 6.1', the boy with his unconventional look, long locks and beard, combined with his seductively-raw yet suave presence on both ramp and print, is one of the most sought after faces in the male modelling fraternity. Meet Amit Ranjan, one of the best-known male super models in India. Because of his captivating unconventional look renowned fashion journalist – Shefali Vasudev, referred to him as Jesus Christ look alike in her book – The Powder Room.

A popular face in some of the country’s well known Fashion Weeks, he has walked for renowned designers such as Manish Malhotra, Rocky S, Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Rohit Bal,Tarun Tahiliani, Rajesh Pratap Singh Narendra Kumar, Wendell Rodricks , Lecoanet Hemant ,JJ Vallaya,Shantanu and Nikhil, Karan Johar Varun Bahl ,Ashish Soni and many others. Amit has done an array of advertisements and endorsements some of which includes popular brands like Mountain Dew, Monte Carlo, Airtel, Fastrack, Carlton London, Wella Professional, Ministry of Fashion, Study by Janak, R C Cola, just to name a few. And yes, he is also featured in editorials of some of the finest Fashion and lifestyle magazines, like Man’s World, Maxim, Vogue, The Man, Elle, M, Men’s Health, Marie Claire, Glam’ Malaysia and many more.

In an industry where arrogance and ego is the norm of the day, Amit comes across as a true gentleman, humble and grounded and a true professional. His runway attitude does not translate down to his real life. He has not let his professional success blur his thinking mind. In this exclusive interview with Stylefluid Trendz , he speaks straight from his heart of  what it means to be Amit Ranjan , of the male modelling industry and how he defines success.

Photo:Eva Schimmer
Stylefluid Trendz: What were your dreams as a child? How did your journey to modelling industry start?

Amit: As a child, my dream was to join the Army. However, Gladrags Manhunt became my stepping stone in the modelling industry. I was offered a two year contract by the Elite Modelling Agency, and after that there was no looking back.

Stylefluid Trendz: How do you handle the pressure and also the adulation of being an ‘it’ boy of the male modelling industry in the country?

Amit: I always think positive; I am a very calm person by disposition and I believe in honest hard work. There are no shortcuts to success, and the adulation is always very welcome.

"I think the male modelling world is really shrinking, as most lucrative assignment go to cricketers or Bollywood stars".

Stylefluid Trendz: We all know the grind that one has to go through to make it big in the modelling industry. It gets all the tougher for a male model. What advice or tips would you like to share with the newcomers? What are the hurdles/challenges (Read: Rejections too) you have faced .How have you handled it?

Amit: Keep focused, always work hard, and put your energy in the right direction. Rejections are part of the game, and in the end only benefit you as an individual as you emerge stronger. Most important, you should always have an alternative career option. I would never suggest leaving studies or a secured job for modelling till at least you are confident of your success and earnings.

"However, there should be some parity among the male and female models, especially as there are fewer opportunities for male models".

Stylefluid Trendz: Your looks, beard and long locks, are not that of a
conventional male model. How did you decide to keep this look? What were the initial reactions of the industry professionals?

Amit: When I started, I had a clean shaven look; but even then many professional photographers gave me unconventional looks. I am blessed with good and almost maintenance free hair, and this look became a hit the first time I tried it. It had stayed with me since then, and is still in professional demand.

Stylefluid Trendz: Renowned fashion journalist – Shefali Vasudev, referred to you as Jesus Christ look alike in her book – The Powder Room. How does it make you feel?
Amit: Well from the depictions I have seen of Christ, he appears a very good looking man. Moreover, it can be safely said that Jesus remains one of the greatest celebrities!! So I thank Shefali for the compliment. Coming for her it meant a lot. 

"The low demand and high supply scenario of the male modelling scene is depressing".
Stylefluid Trendz: What do you have to say about male modelling scene? Do you think male models should get paid equal to their female counterparts?
Amit: I think the male modelling world is really shrinking, as most lucrative assignment go to cricketers or Bollywood stars. So the modelling scene has become very competitive.
As far as the second question is concerned, even though my counterparts may not like it, I believe that female models do work harder than male models. Short dresses in winters, heavy traditional costumes complicated heels, wardrobe malfunction do not really bother male models. However, there should be some parity among the male and female models, especially as there are fewer opportunities for male models.

Stylefluid Trendz: The competition is stiff in the industry, which also leads to a certain amount of conflict and ego. Is it easy to make friends with the fellow male models? Do you have a best friend/s from the male model fraternity? 
Amit: Making friends is an individual trait, and I have never found it very difficult to not be friends with my colleagues. However, my closest friends are from outside the community.
"Yes acting is definitely on the cards, and I hope that we will soon be talking in detail about my acting career".

Stylefluid Trendz: What's the best and not-so-best thing about being a male model?
Amit: The low demand and high supply scenario of the male modelling scene is depressing. Also, every model has to understand that this is a short career. The highs of being a model are the celebrity status it comes with and the love of fans.

Stylefluid Trendz: What do you think about state of men’s fashion right now?
Amit: The men’s fashion industry is globalizing day by day and the clothes are now quite international in style and cuts. Indian fashion wear, including menswear is definitely making a mark on the international scene. 
Stylefluid Trendz: You inspire a lot of aspiring male models, who inspires you?
Amit: Milind Soman, probably the greatest modern Indian male model. He has been my constant source of inspiration in the field.

Stylefluid Trendz: Which one has been your favourite campaign/shoot /editorial/show so far and why?
Amit: Many and it is difficult to choose favourites. However the shoot I did for Glam Malaysia is one I particularly like. The latest campaign for Monte Carlo is also a favourite, and I am happy to see it all over.

Stylefluid Trendz: How do you maintain your chiselled body? What is your fitness regime?
Amit: I am very regular about my workout schedule. I do 30 minutes cardio and 1 and ½ hour weight training every day, combining two body parts each day.

Stylefluid Trendz: Do you stick to any specific diet plan? Please reveal the secret.
Amit: I am also very careful about my food, and avoid eating out. I also love eating a lot of fruits.

Stylefluid Trendz: You have rocking healthy locks. Would you like to share the
secret to your enviously long locks? 

Amit: I am blessed with healthy hair, so actually I do not have to do much more than basic hair care which includes oiling, and regular wash.

Stylefluid Trendz: Do we also see an actor in Amit Ranjan?  Is acting on your bucket list? If yes, what kind of characters do you desire to play?

Amit: Yes acting is definitely on the cards, and I hope that we will soon be talking in detail about my acting career. Though I am open to all kinds of interesting and meaty roles, action and romance are my favourite genres, for example Tom Cruise in Top Gun.

Quick Fire:

Stylefluid Trendz: Your favourite designer/s

Amit: Karl Lagerfeld, Rohit Bal , Lecoanet Hemant

Stylefluid Trendz: What’s your favourite fragrance?

Amit: Hugo Boss

Stylefluid Trendz: Grooming/beauty products you swear by?

Amit:  Aveda Shampoo

Stylefluid Trendz: What is your personal style? What’s your wardrobe staple?

Amit: Casual; Jeans, boots and leather jacket

Stylefluid Trendz: Favourite singer/music/band

Amit: Justin Timberlake

Stylefluid Trendz: Currently you’re obsessed with/about

Amit: Nothing

Stylefluid Trendz: What’s your guilty pleasure?

Amit: Sweets

Stylefluid Trendz: Now this is for all the girls. Are you single?

Amit: Yes very much

Stylefluid Trendz: What’s the best ever compliment you have received from somebody from the opposite gender?

Amit: A ninety year old lady personally complimented me after a show. I will never forget her or her compliment.

Stylefluid Trendz: How do you de-stress yourself?

Amit: By rigorous workout

Stylefluid Trendz: Name five things you can’t leave home without?

Amit: Wallet, phone, keys, hat, a bottle of water

Stylefluid Trendz: Describe yourself in three words.

Amit: Hardworking, ambitious and generous

Stylefluid Trendz: Best quote ever

Amit: Ambition never comes to an end!

Stylefluid Trendz: A dream you want to come true

Amit:  Obviously films, and also a modelling academy of my own



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