Sunday, 1 December 2013

Blenders Pride Fashion Tour 2013 - Gavin Miguel & Suneet Varma

Kangna Ranaut in Gavin Miguel

-By GB Bajaj,CEO & Strategist at GB Luxe Life for Stylefluid Trendz

The first show at the 9th edition of Seagram's Blenders Pride Fashion Tour 2013 in Mumbai by Gavin Miguel, electrified the guests with his collection of elegant and sexy cocktail and evening dresses which were exquisite in hues of emerald green, silver, purple, metallic blue and ruby red, with fluid earth colors.

The collection portrays women as confident and empowering with an innovative aesthetic appeal.Futuristic in style and with revealing cuts, embroidery and bead works the collection captures the refined sensuousness of today’s women.
Gavin Miguel
The Bollywood actress of substance from KRISH 3, Kangna Ranaut, mesmerized the guests with an eclectic and exotic beaded dress, revealing the torso. The lower half of the sheer high slit skirt was embellished with sequins in silver, black and gold. Wearing a beaded dress with daring cut out panels on the top, Kangana electrified the ramp in her futuristic bob hairstyle.
Gavin Miguel
Gavin Miguel
The ‘Warriors of Heaven on Earth’ as his collection called, truly resonates strong women of today and tomorrow.
Kangna Ranaut with Gavin Miguel
 Blenders Pride Fashion Tour 2013 - Suneet Varma
Suneet Varma with his collection

Suneet being inspired by his mother’s poetry, his new ethnic collection reflects upon poetic words and life enriching lyrics. The show began with voice over by Farookh Shiekh and singer Radhika Chopra singing to the guests. The collection emerged from Suneet’s contemporary yet traditional and cultural roots.
Suneet Varma

The models attired in varied styles and silhouettes of anarkali outfits, salwar kameezes, shararas,sheer saris, lehenga cholis, layered and kurta lehengas, sashayed down the ramp in a rhythmic motion thus encapsulating the grace of a woman. The use of detailed silver and gold embroidery with earthy and bold colors perfectly complements the youthfulness of a woman.
Suneet Varma


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