Saturday, 30 January 2016

Breaking the set gender binary, the Ranveer Singh way

Love him or detest him, but you can’t ignore him. Why? Because, he liberates us! A conversation starter, he is the man of the moment, a man with a mind of his own. Mr. Singh has never shied away from being himself and being a part of a bigger change that encourages inclusiveness and embracing the idea of bending the pseudo-profound rules and roles of gender in our society. And, yes, he makes it absolutely organic and normal, gender cross-pollination is the new reality of the world.

The February 2016 issue of L'Officiel India is a proof enough that Ranveer is the game changer. For the cover Ranveer is seen rocking a septum ring and a powder blue pussy-bow blouse, paired with a Rohit Gandhi & Rahuk Khanna overlap trouser, and boy-o-boy look at his confidence. We need more like him today, a man who is self aware, unabashedly confident and not insecure and has the ability to take full possession of his mind. He makes us a part of a change that rejects the set rules of conforming to the established gender binaries and in return encourages us to celebrate the unconventional and the organic essence of culture and clothing. 

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