Monday, 30 December 2013

The "Worst Red Carpet Look 2013” (Attention Seeker) winners are Kim Kardashian & Sofia Hayat

Kim’s floral Givenchy Fall 2013 gown at the Met Ball 2013 wins the title of the “Worst Red Carpet Look 2013”. Wonder what was really going on in her mind while choosing this dress.

The gown didn’t help her frame in any way rather she looked huge and wrapped in vintage floral wallpaper. In addition her gloves and matching shoes made it all the more worst for her.

This is the finest example of trying too hard but failing miserably.

Back home, we have Sofia Hayat(Pic:Below) in this Anoosh Naghibi outfit at the MTV Video Music Awards 2013 that wins the title of the “Worst Red Carpet Look 2013” .This is yet another case of trying too hard.  Do I have to say anything more?  Sometimes a picture says it all!!! Horrendous!!!

In her skull belt, one ear cross earring and studded no heel wedge shoes, Sofia was a complete attention seeker.


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