Friday, 1 November 2013

People & Style : Arjun Dutta

A model, tennis player and a fashion enthusiast, incredibly good looking and innately stylish Arjun Dutta is the new face to watch out for in the world of fashion and yes, soon on the silver screen too. The ever dapper Arjun, in conversation with Stylefluid Trendz opens up on his approach to fashion and style.

As mentioned earlier, Stylefluid Trendz has started a new section ‘People & Style’, with a sole purpose to celebrate people (around us) and their signature style. With his effortless personal style, Arjun is definitely the right candidate to be featured under this section. Why? To know the answer, read Arjun’s personal style story and have a look at his photo story.
"Taking time to think and experiment with outfit ideas is the key to looking stylish without any extra effort. Just as important is the careful selection of elements or ‘rules of styles’ to be broken, so as to conceal my unruly antics".

I enjoy fashion!!! I love putting outfits together, playing around with textures, colours, prints and patterns. For me style is all about breaking the rules. It’s the little touch to the overall look which matter the most. Darkening the toe of your brogues, wearing a bold pocket square, a pop of colour on the wrist; these minor distinctions makes all the difference this creating a lasting impression and a visual.
"Using texture as a pattern- i like adding pattern such as an abstract print shirt to this solid khaki suit which adds an element of  interest".

I have noticed that in India, majority of people are brand savvy, thanks to economic boon and power of consumerism. I am not being judgmental here, nothing is wrong in being brand savvy, however the irony is that most of these brand conscious people of both gender make the mistake of letting the logo wear them than the other way round. 
"There is nothing transient about Italian style, which is a result of a generational appreciation of the immortal fundamentals of style fit, cut and colour".

It is always better to choose one or two pieces, not necessarily a brand, that flatters you and your persona instead of a popular brand name that does not flatter you in any way.
"A boutonniere provides a small dash of color and personality that speaks volumes of the person wearing it".

In my case fashion is not about how many clothes i have in my wardrobe but it’s about putting pieces together. Even if you have to choose from not more than five different pieces -a suit,a shirt,a polo,a pair of chinos and two pairs of shoes, it can give you at least 10 different looks without repeating any of them. That’s called being creative and trend setter and what you do with it is art.
"Bold print shirts- Individuality is the way i mark my way out from the crowd,something that makes what i wear just that little bit better than what someone else is wearing".

I've never gone to fashion school but i do read a lot .I believe in my knack for originality. I would not buy what everyone’s buying in the name of newest trends or the hype of what’s in for the season. I would prefer approaching the very idea of trend in a different way something that complements my style sensibility. For example this season people are going really mad over earthly toned trench coats. I would rather get a shorter trench coat made with different material and add some color. It's how you experiment with detail and crate your unique style statement.
"Coloured tailoring- both high fashion and high street collections are clearly showing a preference for more adventurous colours and patterns when it comes to tailoring".

Inspired by Italian tailoring and bespoke tailoring, I recently did a photo story of my personal style. There is nothing transient about Italian style, which is a result of a generational appreciation of the immortal fundamentals of style, fit, cut and colour. Therefore, Italian style is one that i garner inspiration from.
"Coloured blazers - Coloured blazers are a great way to inject a new lease of life into my wardrobe".

The art of sprezzatura, commonly defined as “a certain nonchalance, so as to conceal all art and make whatever one does or say appear to be without effort and almost without any thought about it”, relies on attention to detail. That’s what i love doing and is an extension of my individual style statement. 
"Adding accessories -I like completing my whole outfit by adding little accessories like a pocket watch and a silk pocket square at times to give the whole outfit a clean and polished look".

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  1. What a great article. Heartening to see someone so young have the sophistication to acknowledge and understand advanced menswear concepts like 'Sprezzatura'. The world definitely needs more of him.