Friday, 23 August 2013

‘Indian Punk’ by Nikhil Thampi at the Lakme Fashion Week, Autumn/ Winter Festive 2013-14

Titled ‘Indian Punk’, the classicism of 17th century dance form,’ Kathakali’ met the attitude of 'Punk' fashion on the runway at the Lakme Fashion Week, Autumn Winter Festive 2013-14. In addition to a mesmerizing ode to the rich heritage of the designer’s Southern roots, the collection also paid tribute to Nikhil's ‘Grandma’, his ultimate style icon.

In a purely contemporary and eclectic approach, the collection featured edgy and quirky combination of boxy lehenga with cropped top, anarkali with side cut out details,gold embroidery jackets, tulip hem sari, long sleeve gowns, pencil pants, short sari, lehenga, cape blouse, long kurta and pallazos, just to name a few. The designer’s menswear featured smart bundhgala jackets,waistcoats,lungis and kurta pajamas.

The ‘Katahkali’ dancer inspired face motifs/ busy embroidery, the cut-out details, fabrics like tulle, linen, silk and cotton, all beautifully merged with the color story of  gold, black, white, silver and yellow, thus offering a collection that is truly modern yet wonderfully encapsulates the essence of heritage in it.

Nikhil collaborated with Nitya Arora of the Valliyan to create a line of statement jewellery that added the required pizzazz to the collection. Nitya artistically reinterpreted the traditional jewelleries worn by ‘Kathakali’ dancers to create contemporary pieces without disturbing the essence of the inspiration. She designed bangle cuff, hand cuff,waist belts,armbands,head gear,anklets and brooch in leather and metal  combined with gold plating. The jewellery line was another highpoint of the collection as it was a beautiful ode to the masterpieces of traditional craftsmanship.

(Image Credit:Lakme Fashion Week Facebook Page)

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  1. Nice collection. They used lots of black and golden colour.
    Whats the name of the model in the last picture? Who is holding hand of Nikhil?