Thursday, 11 October 2012

'Rishta' by Arjun Saluja - Spring Summer 2013 (Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week)

There is always something intriguing about androgyny & the very idea of playing with traditional gender roles in fashion, makes it all the more interesting. Breaking through all the boundaries, talented designer Arjun Saluja presented his spring summer 2013 collection, titled ‘Rishta’, which was all about sexual freedom, confidence, conflict, attitude, power and strength, softened by femininity without being vulnerable.
Arjun, with his sensitivity and keen sense of aesthetics did a wonderful job of bringing in the very element of androgyny in his collection, thus letting us explore & adopt it minus any sexual ambiguity. Lehenga pants, pathan suit, Hakama Sari, shirts and jackets in a colour palette of black, white, cobalt, nude and dash of red, the choice of fabrics, the motifs and the contrast of structured and fluid silhouette perfectly captured various hidden elements of androgyny with ease, thus giving a broader view.
For me, the collection is about an individual, a person who is beyond any form of limitation by blurring the lines of sexuality.

(Image Courtsey- Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week)

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