Thursday, 5 July 2012

Paris Fashion Week - Jean Paul Gaultier Spring Summer 2013 (A trip to India)

Jean Paul Gaultier has a love affair going on with India and his Spring Summer 2013 Menswear cllection is a perfect example of that. In one of his previous interviews he had mentioned - 'In every collection I have done, there is always an Indian inspiration. The nautical inspired collection had a strong essence of India & its exotic craftsmanship (the picture says it all) which was presented at Gaultier’s showroom in Paris’s Rue Saint Martin. With this collection it is quite firmly established that India has definitely found a significant place in global fashion.
The Sikh inspired turban & Jodhpurs from India & pleated skirts inspired from Scotland was a successful fusion of East meeting the West. Not to be ignored, the sailor stripes from France. A Gaultier man is a world traveller and does not shy away from reinventing himself. Turbans in bold and bright colours, jodhpurs, pin stripes, slouchy short sleeved jumpsuits in vintage sailor prints, black jacket with minute beading giving an impression of starry nights, trousers and shorts in bright colours were some of the key pieces of this masculine collection. Layered fabrics, patterns, asymmetrical tailoring, sailing motifs and playful positioning of buttons added the contemporary touch to this colourful collection that celebrated an exotic country & its culture called - India.

(Photo Courtesy - Jean Paul Gaultier)

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