Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Milan Men's Fashion Week - Etro Spring/Summer 2013 (Indian Summer)

For Etro’s Spring/Summer 2013, Kean Etro took his inspiration from Indian men’s traditional wardrobe. As i mentioned earlier in few of my posts, India and its rich heritage of arts & crafts, prints, textile, vibrant colours & fabric story is definitely becoming an immense source of inspiration for some of the well known global design houses.

Keeping the house’s signature paisley prints, the Indian inspired collection had tunic tops that resembled the salwar kameez, silky overcoats, billowing pants that were cuffed at the ankle & short tunic aka kurta that had interesting inky stripes diluted in water. The loose silhouette added an element of fluidity & easy vibe to this silky sophisticated collection. The fluidity of the silhouette was complimented by structured jackets in shades of red, midnight blue, olive, orange, navy and white. The fine blend of fluid and structured silhouette (flowing tunic below a structured jacket) was a perfect example of East meeting the West.

The military motifs, blend of herringbone weave, thread work, jacquard cuts and rich prints in luxe silk and linen added lot of character to this collection of sartorial cuts.  The look was accessorised with turbans and scarves which injected all the drama to this dreamy collection.

Kean presented a collection that stands out because of its easy elegance and also resonates the very essence of a country called – India.



(Photo Courtesy-  David Maestri)

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