Tuesday, 27 March 2012

About Me

One time HR professional, now a full time fashion stylist, blogger, style critic and a fashion workshop conductor. I am a certified image and style consultant & a fashion enthusiast from India,  here to hypnotize you with an overdose of global fashion, style and trends.

After almost 9 years of full throttle journey with IBM, Aditya Birla and Wipro as an HR professional, i decided to quit my corporate journey. The journey was definitely a great learning opportunity and above all i am glad i had the privilege to work with some amazing people. But, again everyone’s path is different. Finally it’s all about adding some more meaning to our life, celebrating life by living our true self. Hence after a little bit of introspection, i came to this conclusion to take a transition in my career path to pursue what i love doing – my true calling in the world of Fashion.

So, are you ready to flow in a mystical world of fashion and style with me?