Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Ranveer Singh : The Male Style Icon of 2015

This man is a breath of fresh air; daring and wacky, he has got swag - the one with original style. Be it his “No Fucks to Give”  (he means it)Tee-Shirt paired with a pair of pyjamas during GQ Awards 2015 or Anju Modi Skirt at the promotion of BajiRao Mastani, Ranveer defied certain dress codes in a fun way and also questioned the established macho prejudices.

He is the first mainstream Bollywood actor to embrace the idea of gender-fluid clothing. By doing this he has redefined the meaning of masculinity and has also expanded the definition of menswear in India. Unconventional, quirky, experimental, individualistic, this man completely knows how to have fun with fashion, a zone no Bollywood actor will even dream of. No matter how overwhelming or eccentric his outfits are, he owns every bit of it with his confidence, attitude and charismatic personality. And, no wonder why he is the Male Style Icon of the Year 2015.

In Anju Modi

At the GQ Best Dressed Men 2015 Awards Night

In Rishta by Arjun Saluja 

In Rohit Bal

In Anju Modi

In  Rahul Khanna + Rohit Gandhi ,  IIFA 2015

In Anju Modi

In Shantanu and Nikhil

In Sailex

In Masaba

In Anju Modi

During the promotion of Bajirao Mastani in Ahmedabad

During the promotion of Bajirao Mastani 

At the  H&M launch party

In Sabyasachi

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